Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is focused on marketing principles. It’s based on understanding precisely what your potential customers are looking for and then trying to provide them with just that.


Via several means, you can mine data which shows actual search terms used over a range of search engines and directories. This data can then be analysed so that you can develop a strategy that will start to gain the traffic generated by your target keywords and search phrases.


This is obviously a simplistic view but it does give a reasonable picture of the task that needs to be undertaken



What's Involved in Search Engine Marketing?

There are a number of methods for winning a share of relevant traffic and that is the essence of Search Engine Marketing.


It is a matter of persuading the search engines that your website is the best place to offer up as a destination for that traffic. And when you gain a search engine presence or ‘rank’ you need to ensure that you maintain your rank and, if possible, improve it.


There are also many more search terms and phrases that you can identify that will be relevant. It’s important to keep learning and broadening what you do. That’s where we come in.

Case Studies

SEO / SEM / SMO for Retail Websites

SEO / SEM / SMO for Events / Exhibitions

SEO / SEM / SMO for the Automotive Industry


Blend Your Search Marketing With ...


Website Development

Corporate sites, online catalogues, ecommerce solutions, forum and web portals from BlueCoffee.


Blogs / Podcasts

Blogs, podcasts and other rich media content is great for returning more search results for your website.


Motion Graphics / Video

Universal search now means search engines are indexing video content as well as text media.



Personalise your website content in conjunction with email marketing and online promotion.



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