Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Whether you are enlivening your website, presentation or corporate event, incorporating motion graphics into your media is an excellent way of adding that extra dimension to capture your audience's imagination and instill desire for your product or service.


BlueCoffee provide a range of motion graphics and animation formats, including vector and bitmap graphics, graphic and video compositing and more.


Concept Animation

BlueCoffee can also provide simpler animation of concepts and solids for inclusion inside your multimedia presentations and video.


Sound Design

To compliment our motion graphics, BlueCoffee also work with professional sound designers to add audio to your media, from sounds effects to full music scores and sound-alike backing tracks.



Blend Your Motion Graphics With ...

Website Design / Web Development

Create truly interactive ecommerce websites with optimised in-site animated characters.



Photo Realistic Graphics

Take your motion graphics to the next level with photo-realistic flyover and fly through environments.



Multimedia Presentations

Add that extra dimension to your multimedia presentations with concept animation and video.



Events / Exhibitions

Let BlueCoffee help show off your professionalism with event-based motion graphic content right within your stand design.



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