First Impressions Last

A multimedia presentation is often the first introduction to your company that potential new clients and partners will see.


So it is important that this first impression conveys professionalism and energy, whilst instilling a desire to work with your business.


Picture Your Presentation

Presentations overpowered with oversized text-only content have been dubbed 'Death by PowerPoint' and fail to engage your audience or hold their attention.


Attention-grabbing graphic design and imagery to echo your branding and corporate ID give your audience an emotional connection to your words.


Coupled with graphic data, such image-rich design is essential if you are to concisely and effectively deliver your messages, leaving your audience wide-eyed and wow'd.


e-Motional Content, Sound Advice

BlueCoffee can deliver an even greater emotional connection in your messages, with the placement of appropriate video, animation, transitional effects, music and audio content to give a slick, professional result.


In addition, we can help organise any requisite PRS and PPL licensing if you are presenting at a public venue.


Sharing The Stage

BlueCoffee has extensive presentation experience in striking the perfect balance between digital media that supports and enhances the speaker, and making sure the speaker is still driving the presentation.


After all, your audience is there to listen to you too, not just to read and watch your slides.



Presentations Work For ...


Presentation design and development for business accounting and advisory practice.

Multimedia Presentation Design
Presentations for Lamborghini Club UK

Lamborghini Club UK

Multimedia presentations for annual and calendar events.


Animated investor and retail / wholesale partner presentations for ecommerce firm.

Investor & Retail Partner Presentations
Photography for Concept Launch Events
  ASC (Hong Kong)

Presentation design and development for public sector engineering consultancy.


Stirling Lloyd Group

Sales presentation design and development for civil engineering manufacturer.

Sales Presentations for Manufacturing
Spoof Movie & Music Section Starters
  Stirling Lloyd Group

Animated spoof movie posters featuring company personnel, enlivening corporate events.


Vet The Venue

Chance favours the prepared mind. It is always best to consider the potential impacts of audience numbers, PC and audio hardware, on-site support, running orders, facilities and even ambient light on your presentation.


Our experience in presentation design and production can help you minimise these effects on your event.


Blend Your Presentations With ...


Mobile Presentations for iPhone / iPod

Present your corporate messages wherever you go; for that impromptu yet slick elevator pitch.


Graphic Design

Enhance your presentation beyond measure with creative graphic design to support your messages.


Digital Imagery

Paint 1000's of the right words with professional and cost-effective image search & selection services.


Events / Exhibitions

Showcase your presentations at corporate events, exhibitions and hospitality functions.


Video / Animation

Add an extra dimension to engage your audience with rich media animation and video content.



Invite event audiences and promote your presentations via email marketing campaigns, blogs, forums, podcasts, and video/screencasts.


Website Design / Development

Feature synopses, Flash extracts or entire presentations right from within your corporate website.


Marketing Collateral

Make sure you have supporting collateral, brochures, handouts and event invitations.



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